3X Pitching Grips - MLB Pitcher David Aardsma

This Program has been designed to give the user a thorough understanding of the 12 pitches most commonly thrown in Major League Baseball. 10 year MLB veteran David Aardsma has compiled the knowledge he has acquired over his 13 professional seasons into this easy to use program. David covers 13 different aspects of each pitch while giving in-depth analysis and showing how other MLB pitchers throw their pitches. Videos of each pitch in action are also included as well as the program will be updated with new pitches periodically. The 3x Pitching Grips Program is an invaluable tool for beginners just learning how to throw pitches to professionals looking for that edge against opponents. Get to the next level with the 3X Pitching Grips Program.

Pitches Included

  1. 4 Seam Fastball
  2. 2 Seam Fastball
  3. Cutter
  4. BP Fastball
  5. Circle Change
  6. Fosh Change
  7. Straight Change
  8. Split Finger
  9. Slider
  10. Curve
  11. Slurve
  12. Knuckle Curve

Analysis Included

  1. How to grip the pitch
  2. Variation of the grips
  3. Where to put finger pressure on the ball
  4. What the pitch should do
  5. How to throw the pitch
  6. Velocity of the pitch
  7. How the ball should spin
  8. When to throw the pitch
  9. Best compliments to the pitch
  10. Preferred arm slot
  11. Where to aim for the pitch
  12. What the pitch will look like if wrong
  13. How to fix the pitch


3X Pitching Grips - MLB Pitcher David Aardsma

This course will teach you the pitching grips below.

$47.00 USD