3X 90+mph Mobility Training

3X Mobility TrainingThis course will cover 3X Mobility Training to develop the High Velocity Pitcher. Most high velocity pitchers have elite level joint mobility which allows them the ability to get in the position to use the entire body or kinetic chain to generate 90+mph pitching velocity. Many of these pitchers genetically have this joint mobility but with the new science of today we have discover the process of unlocking these joints.

This course was built for those pitchers who do not have the genetic joint mobility profile of a high velocity pitcher and want the ability to develop it. You will first learn what ranges all of the joints must be able to accomplish and then you will be given a full list of exercises to improve them.

Here is the list of joint ranges we will be measuring and working to improve:

  1. Dorsiflexion
  2. Plantar Flexion
  3. Hip Internal Rotation
  4. Hip External Rotation
  5. Hip Flexion
  6. Hip Extension
  7. Hip Abduction
  8. Trunk Rotation
  9. Trunk Extension
  10. Shoulder Flexion
  11. Shoulder External Rotation
  12. Shoulder Internal Rotation

Once you have these ranges recorded you compare them to the joint mobility ranges of the high velocity pitcher to learn where you need to make improvements. You will then follow the list of exercises in the follow videos to improve these ranges.

These exercises include:

  1. Foam Rolling
  2. Mashing
  3. Static Stretching
  4. Banded Distraction
  5. Muscle Activation

Once the routine is establish about 30 minutes to an hour a day then the process is to repeat measuring to see what joints are improving and what joints are not to shift focus into another cycle of training. This process over time will develop the joint ranges of the high velocity pitcher.

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3X 90+mph Mobility Training

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